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January 31, 2016
One of the oldest (27

Information leads to belief, leads to control, leads to power, leads to ultimate objectives of the group.

Some of these below may help all of us in the process of enlightening ourselves on what is the truth;

We need to look at it from the all sides and from every source of information in order to have an idea what it is really. The more we read, we may find more 'secrets'. But then the media world is controlled by few people who may have a secret agenda to psychologically lead us to believe whatever they want us to believe!

Who controls the internet, the administration of some powerful countries, weapons of mass destruction etc? America, Israel, CNN, Oil, Religions, NATO, UN, TV, Facebook, Emails co's...etc

We are surrounded by information which at first seemed true but then turned out doubtful, exagerated, misinformed even became untrue. Most were well-planned operation, secretly directed, covertly executed and objectives successfully achieved.

In many cases such as Iraq war, Sept. 11, assasinations of famous people/musicians/influential people, fast spread of viral diseases, 'humane' act of liberating countries in conflict, widespread calls for 'so called Freedom of speech', Wikileaks which actually have good and bad intentions as well as effects, advance technology used in making bad info to be so real, public figures who are actually puppets of them... i can go on.

We are already being controlled by groups of people whether they are using religions, race, politicians, businessmen, scientists, selected groups like Freemasons, KKK, Al-Qaeda, The Media like CNN, BBC, Internet, Facebook, Youtube, UN, Hollywood movies industry, FIFA.many many more.
We have hundred of satellites, cctv n hp cameras, 'big brother', secret agents, CIA's, FBI's, supercomputers, sensors, transmitters, smartphones, youtube/facebooks and all these are created to ensure we follow what they want us to do, they can blackmail us using it, they hold our souls, they control our own existence..killing us off is so easy, for a few dollars.

Why are all these not solved till now?
-The true religion of all?
-Which historians will tell us the real truth of history?
-Why countries keep invading other countries, back then and even now?
-The modern man rejection of religions based on our low level of intelligence( can't even create Oxygen)?
-War/cold war/psychological war/fears of coming war that has never stops?
-people/public figures/scientists/priets who always think that they are the smartest, God-sent, knows everything, got most Phd's, yet they can never control own sexual desires?
- Why drugs are everywhere?
-humans, animals, plants, creatures, everything on this earth starting to kill each other, reaching extinction, mutated, highly stressful, never learn from anything since the day we started ?
- The truth about Aliens/UFO stuff, Bermuda Triangle, Osama Laden, Oswald, JFK killers, Illuminati, Masons, MJ murder, 9-11, holocaust, Who spread anthrax, etc
- How do the richest people get their wealth - some illegal means?

Humans are generally weak because :
- we are duped by sweet talkers who wants our money
- we sell our soul to sex, women, drugs, idols, hatred
- we believe whatever is given to us by the help of modern technology including wrong facts/info
- we are kind to others who later on kick us out of our own family, jobs, hometown, world
- we consented the use of technology that invades our own privacy
- we have become hedonistics because we think we live only once
- we never follow rules/ law/religions because we want total freedom but we are not free from eating, biological needs
- we never learn from past history how to make a better world
- we in organized way destroy our own world
- we want power over others, creating conflicts
- we dont need devils advocate, satan, criminals, because we have it in our own self
- we are not yet prepared for the total destruction of earth coming very soon by the signs shown to us everywhere
- we always make mistakes and never admit them
- we created serial killers, mass murderers, crazy soldiers, suicide bombers among us...etc

Let us look at who profits the most if in power:
- Weapons suppliers thru continuous war,
- powerful govt gets oil, earth reserves from snall countries,
- Media moguls thru govt contracts by doubtful facts/brainwash people
- Drugs lords by sale of drugs/lack of enforcements/ bribing the mostly corrupted govt officials in all countries
- The around the world royalties using the people's wealth and money to support their 'criminal' like lifestyles
- Smart businessmen who falsely created drugs, viruses, comp. viruses, unnecessary gadgets, monopolised softwares/hardwares,
- fashion industry by using actors, artists, football stars
- academicians who make us believe everything they say then claim something else later on
- charity driven societies who use their activities for other monetary/religious/social/political purpose.
- govt officials who tells the public something but then do something else, use public money for secret operations
- the industry main players who use/trick/misinform the public to buy products they dont need, got paid billions as bonuses
- financial institutions who trick the public into keeping our money and yet charges us for it, when they failed, ask for bailouts
- businessmen who gets contracts by supporting the govt
etc etc

Everybody knows about this.

We are already trapped in this whole mess.
Whether its freemasons or other groups, all they want is to control us, the are like chameleons, change names, change officials, show good intentions, use strategies to make us belief what they want, in every platform they use their own people to convince us ( including this very one), they already employed people of various fields to make things work, we ourselves without realizing it are doing/helping them in many ways, even we share the profits ourselves,
there is no escape because we are in too ******* deep, we are in need of a superbeing, a great saviour among us who truly will liberate us from this mess.

The time will come very soon for all of us.
The end of this world will come.
The great saviour will some out of hiding.
Nobody can stop him.
Are we ready for him? Will we become his followers?

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