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November 19, 2014
War on our World



2. The War Tapes (2006) - Three members of a U.S Army unit carry cameras on their helmets and record a year in Iraq. As they guard KBR trucks from fire, witness real IED attacks, fire fights and a few humorous moments to do with waste trucks.

3. Gunner Palace (2005) - A US platoon takes over a former palace owned by one of Saddam's sons. Here they use it as a base while performing their duties as soldiers. A few fire fights, mortar attacks and a lot of one on one with the members of the unit themselves.

4. Why We Fight (2006) - A doc aimed at all the elements of war from the bomb makers themselves, to former members of the frontlines. Trying to look deep into the psychology of why we go to war, it features a very interesting historic speach by Eisenhower. Very imformative.

5. No End In Sight (2007) - Referring to the end of the Iraq occupation, a very deep look into what went wrong with the invasion of Iraq, who is responsible and who stood to make the most money. Top Notch.

We used to watch news reels.
I trust there is some archive somewhere!/?

I've seen No End in Sight and Why We Fight. Both film's touch on the military industrial complex. Something we as a country need to start dismantling or at least place a very very short leash on.

Thanks Dragothewolf. And a very big welcome to a2k.


He lived with all that, and so in my way did I.

I don't mean the 'honey' to be insulting.

There will be willies, as my father ran into trouble by someone under him posting some bomb photo. I was nine, I am guessing.

Many years later..
When I engaged with the local nuclear museum, I liked the director, but he was unaware of baker et al, at all. I get it, jobs are different and he taught me some other stuff re things going on (I plan to give my stuff to them, but am slow, since I am expected to write up data to get visited.

Look up Baker.

Colonel John Craig was there too, if I remember right. Not sure.

I happen to hate bombs myself and don't get me started on drones.

I have a couple of crossroads albums.

But damn, I have to fill out forms to donate them.

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